Friday, December 28, 2007

2 picture snapshot of the 21C and Star Riverside

I just pulled these 4 photos together to show you how to make sense of this condo craze going on.These are two condo projects in downtown Austin that have a "vibe"; 21C and Star Riverside. Personally, I'd live at both of them because they are both service focused.

This is what you get at 21C
Location: Prime location in heart of the city.

Austin Lifestyle: Contemporary - Creative

Kitchens look something like this:

And the bathrooms look something like this:

At Star Riverside

Location: Rare contemporary condos with both city and lake views. Valuable redevelopment zone.

Austin Lifestyle: Modern contemporary - Zen.

Kitchens look something like this:

And the bathrooms look something like this:

Both are simliarly priced and a 2 bedroom will probably be in the low to mid $400's.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

3 more condo projects join the $5000 incentive program exclusively with Perry Henderson Team

Star Riverside, Willow Branch Lofts and Forest Creek condominiums have entered into an exclusive marketing agreement allowing the Perry Henderson team to give buyers $5000 towards their down payment on any condo purchase in the project.

" This means that a buyer can afford a little more house", say's Perry Henderson the managing partner of the team. "We have sold so many condos in those communities so we asked the developers to pass our buying power to new buyers in the community. It's service like this that allows us to differentiate our service level amongst a very talented group of downtown real estate specialists." Use the Perry Henderson team to buy a condo at one the pre-approved communities and a buyer gets $5000 towards their down payment.

Special thanks to all those communities that participate...

About Star Riverside - Hip, Ultra-modern residences located directly on the stunning shores of Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake). Featuring 66 3 bedroom units in the front two 6 story towers with flexible floor plans ranging in size from 1500-2500 square feet. In the rear 9 and 12 story towers, an architectural marvel of 2 bedroom residences ranging in size from 1000 sq ft plus.

About Forest Creek Golf Community - Forest Creek is an exclusive community nestled beside the beautiful Forest Creek Golf Course. Imagine running in a 60-foot putt just a chip shot from your back door. The fourteenth fairway surrounds the community and creates a country club environment. A 20X40 foot swimming pool and sun deck includes a year-round hot tub. Each town home has generous sized courtyards that allow for private gardens and outside entertaining.

About Willow Branch Lofts - Priced under $300,000 these totally functional live-work spaces that are kinda cool. Willow Branch Lofts fuses edgy urban design, upscale finish, and a strong blend of uniquely designed floor plans. Flats, lofts, open warehouse-style, live-work floor plans provide the experience of living in within blocks of renowned University of Texas, the State Capital, 6th Street, the growing 4th Street restaurant district, Austin Convention Center, bohemian coffee houses, art studios, 20+ miles of hike and bike trails of Downtown Austin's Town Lake. Willow Branch Lofts affords easy access to the best of everything Austin has to offer.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sneak peak at the 21C Museum Lofts

Here are some snapshots of the new 21C sales center. The vibe is cool and contemporary art. I just asked them to approve our $5000 down payment program too.

If this is the type of property you like and have an interest in selling downtown cool lifestlye, we have 5900 luxury buyer leads to distribute to new agents on January 1 from a $8700 lead gen campaign. I hope this is one the projects we can include on the promotion.

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Prices at Agave are up....

Prices have gone up considerably…still a great buy thought for the design and energy efficiency. Most homes will run approximately 300,000 or more. Just an update. And there is no negotiation room because of the buzz…However, Fiore is about to start right next to Agave and has a 5 star green rating. They will start at 275,000.

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$5000 for down payment

Sellers are dropping prices on Austin condos. Spend 5 minutes and check out The Belair. Undervalued, a motivated seller and under $200K gets you a totally functional living space that's kinda cool and green.

If you need an extra $5000 towards the purchase price, drop an offer with me and I'll personally put it toward a down payment of any condo at the Belair.

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Cash flow does exist in Austin

The phones are starting to ring again and the email inquiries are coming in from prospective investors who are considering purchasing investment property in Austin. The most common question we hear is, “can I buy a rental house in Austin that will provide positive cash flow with 10 or 20 percent down?”. My answer is “yes you can”.

As tempting as it is to only chase better cash flow, there is another thing to consider, appreciation. Smart investors in Austin are looking for properties with cash flow plus appreciation potential. They’re here, in Austin, right now. Some areas are growing at 29%.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Star Riverside - Luxury condos in downtown Austin

Why do I like Star Riverside?

1. Waterfront

2. Looks at the water and downtown

3. Rare 3 bedroom units

4. Cheaper than the 4-seasons, Austonian, the 555 or any other luxury condo project.

5. The friends and family discount

6. Zen like and cool

7. In redevelopment area funded by the city and major politcial characters

8. It's going to have one of those hotel-condo projects averaging $400 a night.

9. Moveable walls create unique living areas

10. It's affordable

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